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Aideron Robotics is a newbro-friendly and alpha-friendly corp mainly active in USTZ but with a fairly strong EU timezone and weekend action whose members range in EVExperience from a few months to over 10 years. Our goal is to provide engaging content for our veterans and mentorship opportunities for our newbros (while also allowing them to pew pew from day 1). There are no required fleets, no CTAs, just the fun of exploring all EVE has to offer whenever you can make it, with no recriminations if you can’t. Members in good standing are also welcome to apply to become FCs and mentors to create even more opportunities for action.

AIDER is a member-focused community, with our friendly vets offering guides as well as practical expertise on virtually every facet of EVE, from lore to fittings, from hauling to cap drops. Our goal is to help you Find Your Purpose and enable you to pursue the parts of EVE that you enjoy. For folks that just want to shoot people, we’ve got you covered with experienced FCs who have fought in engagements of all sizes all over the cluster. For folks that more enjoy the industry side of things, we have non-FW alt corps that offer a variety of services, including hauling, access to production and research facilities, and a BPO library from which members can make free blueprint copies for corp or personal use.



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